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Thread: Baby Pac-Man frog concerns PLEASE HELP

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    Default Baby Pac-Man frog concerns PLEASE HELP

    I recently got a baby Pac-Man frog and itís only eaten once and it ate a large cricket. Itís been completely submerged in the substrate since. The temperatures and humidity are right. This is my first baby Pac-Man frog and Iím a little worried trying to make everything perfect. Is this normal or is it stressed? There is plenty of hiding spaces like wooden hides and fake plants. Please suggest what I should do if there is anything wrong and give me your tips on feeding a baby Pac-Man frog.

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    Default Re: Baby Pac-Man frog concerns PLEASE HELP

    How many days have you had it?
    It will be very stressed from moving, and possibly still stressed from shipping unless you got it from a local breeder. It's normal for them to go off food for a while while adjusting, just leave it alone except to offer food once a night, be sure to leave the crickets in there for a while so it has time to hunt.

    If it's been over a week and yours is like mine was (she went off food for weeks) don't panic, like I did, just post your setup to narrow down what's wrong, she should eat once she's hungry enough. Maybe try smaller crickets, a large could be intimidating to a small frog, mediums seem about right.

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