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Thread: What is your feeding schedule for your WTF?

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    Default What is your feeding schedule for your WTF?

    If you have a whites tree frog please reply with your general feeding schedule because I am not really sure what is considered normal.

    Maybe it is just me but I always worry that I am feeding too much or not enough. All of the care guides are kind of vague on feeding. I wish one would be like "Okay feed 10 crickets 3 days a week" or something. When I first got Oakley in February I fed him 1-4 crickets everyday I would've given him more but he would stop at 4 or so. At the beginning of May I started only feeding him every other day. The amount of crickets vary each feeding but its usually 8-10. Sometimes I don't count but I think it is in that range. All I know is he has eaten about 25 crickets since 6/4 (going off of how many I bought/ how many are left/ how many died).

    Other details: I tong feed because I prefer to use eco-earth bedding.

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    Default Re: What is your feeding schedule for your WTF?

    Depends on the age/size of the frog. I feed mine everyone 2-3 days on schedule with my Pacman frog, but since they are adults I only feed them a little each time.

    There's a vitamin dusting schedule here that might help:

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    Default Re: What is your feeding schedule for your WTF?

    I feed depending on how many crickets I fed him last time, I'm a newbie though.

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    Default Re: What is your feeding schedule for your WTF?

    I rely on intuition which isn't helpful to you probably but I had the same question and no one could give me exact formulas. When mine ate small crickets I fed every day, tapering down to every two days as they became able to eat more. As adults I do 1-3 crickets every 2-3 days. I feed fewer bugs when I do it more frequently.

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    Default Re: What is your feeding schedule for your WTF?

    You can't feed them every day because they will become obease easily. I truly believe around 5-8 Crickets whether it's a big or small frog get the appropriate sized crickets. You need to gut load the Crickets and use vitamins and calcium. You should also try to vary the diet with other food that's not just a staple. Try Wax Worms or Butter Worms. Just give around 5 with about 5-8 crickets and this will be enough or they would most likely slow down from eating like a pig. This seems to be a good system. You can feed 2-3 times a week.

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