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Thread: Frog For Classroom Pet?

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    Default Frog For Classroom Pet?

    HI everyone!

    I homeschool a 12 year old boy and I thought about adding a frog as our class pet in our school room. I thought it would be a good school project to raise it from a tadpole(if thatís possible to buy)to frog and keep it. I have some questions though before I jump into this not properly prepared at all.

    Which frog would be best for this kind of setup? We wonít really be holding him any, I would just like him to have a nice setup, but the smaller area taken the better. No gigantic 6 inch wide toads lol

    I need a type that wonít need heat or lighting(anything that has to be plugged in). We live in Florida so itís pretty hot here majority of the year but we do have occasional cold spells.

    I also would rather not have anything like a tree frog that itís life goal is to get out of the cage lol

    Thank you for any and all info given. If it isnít a good idea for any frog to not have lighting or heat pad, then I will just skip on raising one. I donít want to give one a terrible home, so thatís why Iím here asking suggestions Thanks!

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    Default Re: Frog For Classroom Pet?

    I think a Fire Bellied Toad would be good for this. They need a tank of about 10 gallons, but I think you could be fine with 8 gallons. FBT's don't require special temp's, so long as it's not freezing nor scorching in the room the tank would be in. The tank needs to have water, as they love to swim -and stay still- in the water. But getting one as a tadpole is impossible. Adults are best for inexperienced toad/frog keepers as they're hardier.

    They're diurnal, so active during the day, and very easy to keep. Do your research, ask questions, google before you buy your tank.


    Get your tank first, wash it with water (no soap), then build your setup. Then CYCLE it for about two-three weeks, to make sure that no harmful bacteria or disease resides there. If you're going to have live plants you need to make sure they're not poisonous to FBT's and that they're very healthy.

    AND You'll have to feed your FBT's live prey. Yes. Alive. If that's horrifying for you then get a guppy or something.

    Think about it carefully, plan, before deciding anything.

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    Default Re: Frog For Classroom Pet?

    adding to that: you might want to check your area first for sources of crickets or other feeder insects.

    If you want a fish tank setup, you could get an African Dwarf frog. Those live underwater and can be fed with food pellets instead of live insects.

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    Default Re: Frog For Classroom Pet?

    You can get African Clawed Frog tadpoles from Grow-A-Frog. They're easy to raise if you're willing to do a lot of water changes, but the tanks they send you are pretty terrible for a frog so you'd have to get a 8-10 gallon tank for them. I had two until they died in a hurricane ;~;
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