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Thread: What size should I start feeding my pixie frog mice?

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    Default What size should I start feeding my pixie frog mice?

    I am relatively new to pixie frogs, and have owned mine for only 3-4 months, however my kenyan sand boa recently passed away, and I have a large amount of fuzzie, and pinkie mice in the fridge. My blue tongue skink, and box turtles are more than happy to finish all of these (if given enough time, i don't give them mice more than every 2 weeks for my skink and 4 for my turtles). anyway, I also have a young pixie frog who is about 2.5 in, and while he probably cannot eat these now, I was wondering at what size would a ice be okay? also would dusting the pinkies with calcium powder help reduce the negatie effects of pinkies on bones? Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: What size should I start feeding my pixie frog mice?

    There is no hard rule other than to offer appropriately sized prey. This premise is open to interpretation though as one frog may more eagerly take larger prey than another. Personally I’d wait until you have a snout to vent length of 4 inches before offering small pinkies. Just because a froglet can take a pinky it’s own size doesn’t mean it should. If anything, once the time comes that your frog is large enough to take them I’d offer pinkies only as an occasional supplement. There are varied opinions on mammalian vs insect feeder sources. Unfortunately there are conflicting and questionable nutritional contents posted online. It’s difficult to get an accurate idea of how nutritious mice are in relation to frogs needs. Offering a few pinkies here and there is harmless as long as they don’t compose the bulk of its diet. Also I don’t see a need to supplement pinkies with calcium. Their bones contain enough. Supplement insects with calcium and vitamins at regular insect feedings. As an aside I can also tell from personal experience that frogs fed exclusively on mice live shorter lifespans and are prone to obesity.

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