Hi everyone! None of the vets in our city see toads, so we are waiting to see if the wildlife rehab about 2.5 hours away can pick up our injured toad. We are also concerned that they don't really know how to treat injured toads, so we would like advice to see if we can help him ourselves.
Three days ago, we found this injured toad at the curb of our house, and he had probably been grazed by the car we parked. We didn't see him until we got out of the car and we feel awful. He has an injured eye and jaw, but the rest of him is fine. We have him in a room in our house, in a cardboard box with paper towel that is damp, a towel he burrows in (is this bad for him?) and a dish of reverse osmosis water. We have read about other sick toads here so we are going to get pedialyte today and Fluker's Reptaboost. We have left earth worms with him, but he won't eat and hasn't eaten since we found him. We worry his jaw is broken and he won't be able to eat....ever. How long can he go without eating? Is there a way to syringe feed a toad but maybe we shouldn't try, being that his jaw is injured? Should we humanely euthanize him, but how would that be done and when would we know it has to be done? Should we let him out in the forest to let nature take its course? We prefer to help him if we can. I will try to find a way to attach photos here. THanks everyone!!

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