I am in the planning stages of a new build, I was inspired by SerpaDesign with his 10 gallon conversation videos. I was looking at Josh’s frogs for species and found reed frogs or clown frogs. I am leaning more towards reed frogs due to their size and colors (price as well). I will be using clay kitty litter for a background along with moss mix slurry on the background/wood. The tank will be bioactive with springtails, isopods, and red wrigglers. I am thinking about making it a planted tank with tropical plants and broms. I will use a homemade fogger (cool ultrasonic mister). I can’t have darts due to parents not wanting them and Fruit flies.

Does anyone have any stocking recommendations? Or plant choices?
I might get a few banana reed frogs, but it depends on what’s at the reptile expo in October.

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