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Thread: Fire belly toad blowing up

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    Default Fire belly toad blowing up

    My 10 year old Fire Belly Toad has blown up. Nothing has changed in his tank. Any ideas on what could be happening or a remedy?
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    Default Re: Fire belly toad blowing up

    oh good lord. Bloat!

    my understanding of 'bloat' is that it is a secondary symptom. Something is going on that is preventing the frog from controlling its own fluids, and it blows up like a balloon.

    if this is bacterial in nature, then you need antibiotics and a new environment for recovery.
    if it's organ damage, then the damage is done and there isn't really anything to do.

    go see a vet, get his opinion and, perhaps, antibiotics.

    lots of web information on 'frog bloat'.

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