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Thread: Frogs and calcium

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    Default Frogs and calcium

    Frogs require regular calcium for there bone structure, this is absolute crucial especially in young growing frogs, there are good supplements that have calcium added IE reptomin sticks but some frogs either dislike the sticks or are not prepared to top feed( hand feed is an option) however if your frog refuses to eat reptomin sticks you can try reptocal powder! It may be possible to dust down your usual feed or better still implant small amount powder into feed ie de/skinned cooked garden peas, live feed ie crickets or worms can be given calcium powder as there food then consumed by frogs through the chain! I have noticed my own miniature worm farm when calcium powder is added to feeding area the worms devour the powder so it's now easy for my frogs to get there calcium

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    Default Re: Frogs and calcium

    Thanks! That's some really good info.

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