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Thread: Marine toad stopped eating

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    Default Marine toad stopped eating

    Hello, I’ve had this Marine toad for a few months now, she was pretty good sized from the beginning albeit underfed and skinny. After several months of dubia, crickets, super worms and earthworms I’ve fattened her up nicely, but now she isn’t eating. It’s been almost 10 days since she’s eaten, and I’ve noticed she hasn’t been going into her water dish. (before she would go into the water every night) I have her in a 20 gal long, with peat moss substrate, a large shallow water dish and a nice large cave for hiding. I keep all my pets in a room that is kept at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and I mist her very frequently (about every other day). There is also very little foot traffic in this room. I’ve recently cleaned her enclosure and inspected her, she seems very lively and still has a good belly. Is this normal behavior, or should I be concerned??? Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: Marine toad stopped eating

    Maybe she has some sort of internal parasite that's stopping her eating? Or it could be that she's having trouble passing stuff and its making her feel sick... Try warm water with maybe a little honey.

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