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Thread: Issues with new baby? HELP

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    Exclamation Issues with new baby? HELP

    So i just got the lil guy today he is 1.5 inchs itty bitty guy but idk what to put him in that i could give heat too i have him in his take home cup with air holes but i don't know if i could keep in that till he is a lil bit bigger? any ideas i have a ten gallon a 30 gallon and 40 gall all i could us as well as a bin if i really needed to right bu again right now he is in his deli cup closeish to one of my ten gallon heaters so its warm for him and i have my heat in the room at 75.

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    Default Re: Issues with new baby? HELP

    Just fill a 10 gallon tank with like 2-3 inches of coco husk and put a water dish big enough for him to fit in and keep the coco husk damp and you should be all set . You could also give him a hide but I've seen a decent amount of videos of frogs without hides and they seem to do just fine (heck my AFB rarely uses his).

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    Default Re: Issues with new baby? HELP

    Gotta love em when they're that size! You should have gotten his/her tank situated beforehand. No need to panic though.

    Id get a light source/lamp or 2. And a thermometer if you dont have those already. Then you can determine what wattage bulb(s) you will need to keep it at the ideal temps. Setup the 10 or 30 asap. If its a she, the 10 should be ok. Male, you're gonna need to go bigger.

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