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Thread: New Red Eye Tree Frogs, not moving or eating?

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    Default New Red Eye Tree Frogs, not moving or eating?

    I just got my frogs from a breeder who said they had never seen a leaf in their lives. I got them Saturday, and I don't think they've eaten since then. Temp is 75. Humidity is hovering around 70 to 75. I went ahead and put them in the new set up tank, to try to keep them from being stressed in just an open tank with no hides.
    I put a tall dish in the tank with crickets inside, 2 drowned from water (oops) and the rest were still in there.
    One of my frogs has moved leaves, and the other has not moved at all. I'm at a loss. And there's not a lot of info around about these guys.
    How long can they go without eating, to what point should I get really concerned? How can I help them get used to the tank? And any extra tips anyone has for me would be great.
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    Default Re: New Red Eye Tree Frogs, not moving or eating?

    They may not do much for a few days while they settle in. Do they otherwise look healthy?
    Also, did you thoroughly clean the plants before you set them up? Many nurseries use pesticides, which are toxic to frogs.

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