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Thread: Frog is trying to escape from tank

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    Arrow Frog is trying to escape from tank

    This is a little lengthy but please read it all. I’m in S.O.S. mode right now.

    I have an American Green Tree frog in a 10 gallon enclosure, which is also horizontal. I want to get him or her a 20 gallon tank. His current tank has a perching area for him on the bottom, a plant that’s the height of the tank stuck to one of the sides, and I have two pretty big (tall and wide) plants in there on the bottom of the tank. They’re all fake plants. His tank is currently pretty clean. His tank also has a forest back-drop photo on it. He always has filtered water and is kept in 60-80% humidity. The substrate in it is moss. He only gets fed crickets because I don’t want worms or roaches crawling around freely in his tank or burying themselves in the moss and growing too large. He gets sunlight through the window (I don’t know if this is suffice. I don’t like putting the light on him because his tank drops to insufficient humidity within a few hours if I do and I am not always home to always spray his tank).

    Any way, he is feisty and always has been. He was an escaper when I found him hopping through my dorm hall years ago. He was neglected and very skinny, which is why I decided to keep him. He has gotten out of enclosures I have put him in in the past while I cleaned his tank. So he knows what it’s like to be out and about. But tonight he was legitimately trying to escape, which he does every now and then. He pushes on the lid of the tank with has hands. He is an active, healthy frog. He croaks sometimes too, and somewhat consistently to high-pitched music (ex. “I Saw the Sign” by Ace of Base).

    I hate keeping him enclosed in a tank and I don’t live near any place in nature I can set him free. What should I do? Does anyone know of any website or anything I can find of frog enthusiasts who have entire rooms dedicated to their frogs or something? Is it safe (germ-wise or cleaning products-wise) to take him out of his tank sometimes and let him roam around a closed off room he can be safe in? I’m afraid of him absorbing germs through his skin or dried cleaning chemicals I use to clean the floor with through his skin. I literally feel guilty and as if I am going to get karma for keeping him imprisoned in a tank.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Frog is trying to escape from tank

    1. I would post this on the tree frog page because they might have more feedback there.
    2. Look into a zoo med or exo terra if you want to keep the frog. They have locking doors and are pretty good at keeping the critter inside.
    3. Dont let your frog out of its cage. Theres a lot of issues with this (like the ones you listed). Also the issues of the room being the right temperature and humidity. Id also be afraid thatd Id lose the frog even in a closed off area.

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