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Thread: Beginner African Dwarf Frog Questions

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    Question Beginner African Dwarf Frog Questions

    I'm a beginner to frog keeping, and herp keeping in general. I had a fish tank in the past, which didn't do well thanks to lack of research, (completely my fault, but I've learned from my mistakes and taken a break from fishkeeping) but that's about the closest thing to experience I've had. I'm looking into keeping african dwarf frogs now, because herps seem like a good option for a beginner pet and easier than fish, and frogs seem very good. So, I have some questions that I figured would be easier to ask directly to a group of people with experience.

    1. I saw a site say that african dwarf frogs have a salmonella risk, as all reptiles and amphibians do, (that I knew) but they suggested that just in case, you wear surgical gloves when "handling your frogs, their habitat, the water in their habitat, the filter media, or anything else that the frogs may have touched." and even with gloves to wash your hands directly after, and if the water gets on your clothes to immediately take them off and put them in the hamper and take a shower. Is it necessary to be this incredibly careful about it? Because when I hear reptile keepers talk about salmonella risks, they just casually mention to wash your hands before and after touching anything in the habitat or the animal itself. If it is necessary, then why is it so different for ADFs?

    2. I don't have the money for vet bills, which is one of the reasons I want ADFs. (I do have the money for the habitat and frogs themselves though, and since I have a lot of leftover fish things, I'll probably have a bit extra even.) Are all of the diseases they can get treatable at home, or would I ever have to get vet help for something?

    3. I've found varying suggestions for minimum tank size, going from 1 gallon per frog to 5 gallons per frog. I was thinking of having a five gallon with two or three frogs to start out with, (I want to start small so it will be easier to cycle) and then upgrading to a 10 gallon when I'm more confident. Would that be okay? Are they okay living in pairs or do they need groups of 3+?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Default Re: Beginner African Dwarf Frog Questions

    Hello Leo and welcome to the forum , there are many cases linked with frogs and Salmonella # however it is correct follow good hygiene with hands is fine I personally would not use gloves as there can be a powder coating on inside of many so bare hands and WASH disinfect afterwards perfectly ok# for medication always good to have epsom salts(for fungus an bacteria baths) possibly have Marcylyn on hand also# however providing you remove 30% old water & change weekly replenishing with clean treated water using good products IE stress coat! siphon the gravel weekly(buy a siphon) strip down wrinse filters monthly*wrinse out with old tank water* do not overFEED it's less likely you will have much issues? But read back some good posts here about care n repair keep in touch

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