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Thread: Urgent!!! Help needed!!! Frog in critical condition and its my fault :(

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    Default Urgent!!! Help needed!!! Frog in critical condition and its my fault :(

    Hello everybody, I am in dire need of assistance!!!

    Today, I discovered that one of my juvenile American Bullfrogs (about 2 inches long) was pale, twig-thin, and would not move. I attribute this entirely to my fault and I don't know what to do to save him.

    I have been feeding my two frogs worms for the past year, and everything had worked smoothly. I would dig worms up from my backyard, which often took up to 30 minutes to find so I only fed them about once a week but they were both healthy. But this past month there was little rain and when I went to check for worms outside, I got nothing. So I waited until the next week (my worst mistake) when there was rain, dug up two plump worms, and tried feeding him and found him in this condition. The other frog was fine, ate both worms, and looks completely healthy.

    I looked up videos on how to emergency feed your frog, and one recommended sliding a credit card into his mouth and forcing the worm in. I tried it but his mouth wouldn't open and I was afraid of hurting him so I stopped.

    I have no idea what to do now. I am terribly afraid he is going to die, and it is my fault for being so negligent. Both of these frogs were wild caught as tadpoles. Is it okay to release the sick one? maybe the conditions are better in the wild. But he's in no shape to scavenge for himself.

    If anybody could offer any suggestions, anything is greatly appreciated. I've been crying for the past hour and have no idea what to do. I am so sorry for not being a good caretaker but I hope it's not too late to fix my mistake.

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    Default Re: Urgent!!! Help needed!!! Frog in critical condition and its my fault :(

    Update: My dad got the credit card trick to work. He says I'm overreacting, but I don't know. Worm was eaten, and Im going to make sure he eats again tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Urgent!!! Help needed!!! Frog in critical condition and its my fault :(

    Glad you got him to eat. Hope he recovers quickly for you.

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