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Thread: Baby pixie frog setup?

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    Default Baby pixie frog setup?

    I just recently got a baby pixie frog about one inch across, and I was not prepared it. I did some research and all I can find is adult setups. Right now he is in a critter container in side a 20 gallon to keep him warm(i live in ohio and it gets really cold). His tank temp ranges from 80-84 and at night it his like 78. Im using a medium sized heat mat and a reptiheater for warmth. His humidity is between 70-80. The 20 gallon tank is decorated and has coco fiber bedding and is critter container is full of moss with water on the bottom(its the best i can do for now). He seems really healthy as he is eating every day. I also have a 10 gallon I am not currently using, would it be better to put him in there. And one more thing, its there a way I can sex him at this age? The other day he was shedding and he made little squeaky noises and I heard males could only make noises. Please help me ASAP as I don't want him to get sick or anything.

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    Default Re: Baby pixie frog setup?

    I don't think that at that age it's possible to sex them. Sometimes frogs make squeaks regardless of sex, it's just a thing they do sometimes. As for the tank setup you currently have it seems suitable. If he ever has trouble finding his food I would suggest to move him to the 10g, but your frog sounds pretty healthy so I don't think there's too much to worry about currently.
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