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Thread: When do WTF stop growing?

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    Default When do WTF stop growing?

    I finally got a hold of the breeder I got my WTF and it turns out the frog was hatched in March of 2017. I measured Oakley and s/he is 2Ē inches long. Is s/he down growing? It would be plausible if Oakley was a male but I havenít heard any calls and s/he doesnít look like a male (see picture). Iím pretty sure my frog is done growing if itís 11 ish months old.

    If you have a WTF when did yours stop growing?

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    Default Re: When do WTF stop growing?

    I always heard that they grow for about two years.
    Based on my own frogs, I had one male that grew for two years. However, I don't know how old he was when I got him. He was about 2.5''. Now he's just slightly under 3''.
    I have another I got at six months of age who was tiny. It took him about four years to reach 2.3'' and he seems to have stopped growing.

    So who knows?

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