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Thread: Three frogs, one tank?

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    Default Three frogs, one tank?

    Hey y’all.
    I have two whites in a 10 gallon tank. They are pretty happy with their bowl of water, heating bowl (a bowl with the heating pad under it) and their little plant. I have been considering buying another white, seeing how the two get along fine. Will it be stressful for three in a small tank? Should i even try it?
    Heres a pic of my boys

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    Default Re: Three frogs, one tank?

    10 Gallons for two? Are they fully grown? If they are (which they look to be), then that is far too small!
    Please get a larger vivarium before you consider getting more, it’s recommended 10 gallons for each MINIMUM, my two whites have a 32 Gallon tank.

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    Default Re: Three frogs, one tank?

    I agree, I would recommend you get an 18x18x24 zoo med or exo terra, they can sometimes be found cheap on craigslist, or regular price at most pet stores. White's tree frogs are for one, pretty big/fat in terms of tree frogs, and two, they are tree frogs and therefore like to have more head height, so an arboreal tank is best.
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    Default Re: Three frogs, one tank?

    They do like to climb and sometimes need space to jump, larger tank would be better. and if you get another you'll have to clean out the substrate more because of more pee.

    Quarantine would be good if you decide to get another. Keeping it in its own temporary tank so you can monitor its health and avoid possibly making the other frogs sick.

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    Default Re: Three frogs, one tank?

    I think you should look into another tank before another frog. They like vertical space so as someone mentioned before an 18x18x24 would work well and that about 30 gallons of space before everything is added. I read somewhere about a 10 gallon per frog minimum rule I’m not sure if this applies to Whites because they are bigger. Offering your frogs as much room as possible is better.

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