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Thread: New Pacman-- Limey, setup critique, and help.

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    Default New Pacman-- Limey, setup critique, and help.

    My new buddy Limey has been with me for 5 days now. I have only been able to get it to eat one cricket every other day so far. It refuses any more. Turns away and/or takes a defensive posture. It is also not very aggressive toward its food. But seems very alert and responsive toward me or its surroundings. I am looking for some general advice and wanted to ask if I should be trying to force it to eat more during each feeding?

    fyi- Limey is only about an inch in length. Just a baby atm.

    1. Size of enclosure

    12x12x12 Exo Terra.

    2. # of inhabitants - specifically other frogs and size differences


    3. Humidity

    55% minimum throughout day

    Misting twice daily too 80%+

    4. Temperature

    Minimum 75 during the night cycle
    Peaks at 82-83 during daytime. (Winter time atm, will adjust if summer cause more than 85

    5. Water - type - for both misting and soaking dish

    Using Reptisafe dechlorinated tapwater for the water bowl.
    Was using distilled for misting (informed distilled could be detrimental for the frog) but have decided to use dechlorinated tap for misting also.

    6. Materials used for substrate

    Soil is the substrate.

    7. Enclosure set up i.e. plants (live or artificial), wood, bark and other materials.
    - How were things prepared prior to being put into the viv.

    This is a bioactive setup.
    There are biodegradables that could potentially cause impaction. I will be trying to feed it in a separate container. Small amount of very large leaf litter, sphagnum moss, some charcoal from springtail culture, and other biodegradables are inside the substrate. If the frog becomes more aggressive. I will move it to an environment with less risk of impaction. Its seems to really like this setup. It has tried a few different burrow spots during the last week. Seems to like the large leaf litter for partially burrowing under. There is also a large golden pothos in the center of the tank. It seems to appreciate the large leafs of the pothos for shade and additional cover.

    8. Main food source


    Right now I am offering a cricket everyday. Has only eaten 2 crickets in 5 days. I expect it to take one on the sixth day. The crickets are a little larger than the width if the frogs eyes. They were gutloaded.

    9. Vitamins and calcium? (how often)

    ventually when it starts eating better, I will try a dusting schedule like this:

    M -- RepCal Calcium +Vit D3
    T --
    W -- Rep Cal Herptavite (multi-vit)
    F-- Rapashy Calcium PLus every other week. Rapashy Vitamin A, 1 out of every 4 weeks. Rapashy Superpig (carotenoid sup) 1 out of every 4 weeks

    10. Lighting

    Running a 10 hour day cycle and 14 hour night. 25w full spectrum for daytime.(good for plant, gives of no heat.)
    I am thinking of adding a night light (possible 15w-25w incandescent) for a little additional heat and for night viewing.

    11. What is being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure

    2 low wattage heat mats. One on the side and one on back of glass, in the same corner.

    12. When is the last time he/she ate

    I have had the frog for 5 days and got it to eat 2 crickets. Both feedings it took the food from tongs. Got it Tuesday and fed a
    cricket on Thursday morning and Saturday morning 2hrs before the day cycle started. The frog was not very aggressive during either feeding. Eventually it took a single cricket but refused any more. The first cricket was dusted with Herptavite. Both crickets were gutloaded.

    13. Have you found poop lately

    I believe it pooped this morning ( Sunday). I have been putting it in the water bowl before I attempt to feed it. The frog will sit there for 15-20 minutes. I give it a bath with warm water and let it soak. Then I offer a cricket.

    14. A pic would be helpful including frog and enclosure (any including cell phone pic is fine)

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    Next time I attempt to feed I will get a picture of Limey.

    15. Describe frog's symptoms and/or recent physical changes; to include it's ventral/belly area.

    Seems healthy as for as color, weight, and alertness. Seems to lack appetite. Lacks aggressiveness toward food.

    16. How old is the frog

    I would guess it absorbed its tail ~2 weeks before I purchased it.

    17. How long have you owned him/her

    5 days

    18. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred

    captive bred

    19. Frog food- how often and if it is diverse, what other feeders are used as treats

    Just crickets so far. This is what it ate prior to me purchasing.

    20. How often the frog is handled

    Once every 48hrs the first 4 days. Then I thought I should try and offer it food everyday since it is not eating a lot. So after the 4th day I handled it again the next morning.

    21. Is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area

    Low traffic

    22. Describe enclosure maintenance (water changes, cleaning, etc)

    Bioactive Setup. I changed water bowl every other day or daily. depending on when I put him in to soak and feed. Mist twice daily.

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    Default Re: New Pacman-- Limey, setup critique, and help.

    Well the 7th day now. Only got 2 crickets in him the first week. I think I am not going to try to feed him until I see him surface on his own. If that takes several days then so be it.
    His size, shape, and color still look very normal. He is responsive to everything. Monday night he did lunge a couple times toward food but seemed to get discouraged and not try anymore. The crickets I have are bigger than the space between his eyes. So, I ordered some worms and will try to offer different things whenever he surfaces and looks like he is waiting for food.
    I keep forgetting to grab a picture of him. Will try to remember too.

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    Default Re: New Pacman-- Limey, setup critique, and help.

    ADMIN-Please move thread to Pacman Frog area. Sorry for inconvenience.

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