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Thread: Bany Pixie frog refuses to eat

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    Exclamation Bany Pixie frog refuses to eat

    I got a baby pixie frog from my local exotics store, he had just gotten out of quarantine and they told me he was eatting small crickets every other day. The first day he got home I put him in his enclosure and a few hours later offered him a small earthworm which he took.
    So female then he has refused all food I've offered. It's coming up on three weeks(I got him on the 5th of January) and I'm getting really worried since hes so small.

    I did put isopods in his tank as a friend suggested since they won't hurt the frog so they're safe to be left in there. I think he's eaten some, but it's hard to tell. There's defaintly less in there then I put in.
    I'm considering reaching out to my vet, but I'm feeling bit doubtful since hes so small and people have told me it's taken there's a month to eat sometimes.

    Here's the info on his set up:
    Enclosure: 24x18x12 exo terra. Considering downgrading, I've wondered if this is too big? He has lots of places to hide though.
    Heating: heat matt hooked up to thermostat, red heat lamp that's only on durring the day.
    Tempatures: 85 floor temp from heat matt. 75-80 ambient (75 at night normally).
    Humidity: 60-80%, as of now it's 80%. Listed 2-3 times a day with spring water.
    Substrate: eco earth.
    Has a shallow water dish, deep enough for soaking.
    Foods tried: Dubai roach, earth worms, meal worms, small superworms, isopods.

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    Default Re: Bany Pixie frog refuses to eat

    Course I have to make a typo in the title I can't edit, supposed to say baby.

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