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Thread: Floating in water.

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    Default Floating in water.

    Is it normal for an American toad to be completely submerged and completely stretched out just floating in the water dish?

    I panicked, dumped out the water dish and our toad panicked then. It was apparently fine, and hopped away, but it had looked dead floating like that. Never done that before. Is this normal? Is it a bad sign?

    It continues to eat and appears always hungry. Otherwise also appears normal in every way.

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    Default Re: Floating in water.

    It sounds unusual- I don't think I've seen that before- but it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong, if the toad is acting normally otherwise. I would just keep an eye on it.
    I have been keeping herps for many years, and I find that they do occasionally strike poses that initially make them appear to be dead, when in fact they are just fine. I guess it keeps the hobby interesting.

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