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Thread: New White tree frog help

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    Question New White tree frog help

    I just got a new Whites tree frog a week ago. She is my first frog and I want to be sure I am doing everything right. Shes in a 10 gallon tank with the coconut bedding, fake plants, driftwood, moss, her big bath, & heat lamp. I keep her humidity over 50 at all times but usually between 70-80. Her tank heat is anywhere from 70-85 during the day (fahrenheit) but at night I think it drops to 60-65. I have a heating pad that sticks on the bottom, that should be in the mail tomorrow. I also dechlorinate her water. When I got the tank I put 12 crickets in. About 5 I had to kill because they were escaping the tank. I don't know if any got out that I didn't catch. But I found where they were getting out and fixed that problem. But I have yet to see her eat. Last night there was only one cricket left in the tank so I got another 12 and a little cage for the crickets. When I went to bed there was 3 in there (so I could keep better track of if she was eating) I tried to hand feed her dead mill worms but she hit it away from her face and would not eat. This morning I looked and still there was 3 crickets in the tank. I'm starting to worry she's not eating. Although, shes rather large and healthy looking. Other than that, she seems to be very happy. I chose the white tree frog because they can be handled, but after I got her I've hear many conflicting things. At first it was just make sure to wash you hands and have them wet when handling now I hear don't handle unless you have to, and if you do wear gloves. So I wanted to see what your guys opinion on that was. She seems to really like me. When I take her out she just chills on my hand and doesn't jump away. And when I try to put her back she crawls up my arm like she wants to stay with me. I would love to hear your guys thoughts and opinions on the situation as well as any helpful advice for a first time white tree frog owner! Thank you.
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