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Thread: african clawed frog vs american bullfrog

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    Default african clawed frog vs american bullfrog

    both invasive where their ranges meet i am curious which one out competes the other?

    I cant find info on this but both are very very successful yet not much data on them co existing

    i know both can cause huge drop in other frog populations

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    Default Re: african clawed frog vs american bullfrog

    Here is a list of sources you may be interested in:

    [PDF]Invasive American bullfrogs and African Clawed Frogs in South America

    by FG Barbosa - ‎2017

    African Clawed Frog (The Common Platanna): Texas Invasive Species ...

    Invasive Species Council Priority Species: Invasive Frogs

    Introduced Species Summary Project - Xenopus laevis

    Just click on the blue links above!

    Terry Gampper
    Nebraska Herpetological Society

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