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Thread: do any Ranidae, make good pets?

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    Default do any Ranidae, make good pets?

    I read they are skitish and dont do well in captivity compared to bufo or Pyxicephalus which seem to wait for us during feeding

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    Default Re: do any Ranidae, make good pets?

    I have kept a few Ranid species, and have generally had good success with them. They are big, active frogs, so they need lots of space, and lots of food.

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    Default Re: do any Ranidae, make good pets?

    I would suggest not to keep any frogs from the family Ranidae as pets. frogs from that family live most of their lives no farther than 40 feet from a body of water. they require lots of water, which requires lots of work to maintain. bullfrogs, especially, as a have been bitten by them while herping and they just sit in water all day.

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    Default Re: do any Ranidae, make good pets?

    Northern Leopard Frogs and Wood Frogs are more terrestrial and a Leopard Frog is one of the best pet frogs to keep. They are just look and don't touch animals like a lot of frogs but they will become fun to watch and are active day and night. The Leopard frog would be the easiest. 40 gallon setup with pothos and peace Lillies and use a small bin for 40% water for the frog around 6 inches deep and give it a good light T5, T8 or UVB and use supplements on earthworms, crickets and Waxworms.

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