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Thread: Help! Red Eye Tree Frog Infection?

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    Default Help! Red Eye Tree Frog Infection?

    We are red eye tree frog, he is about 5 years old. A feed days ago we discovered a bad case of wood mites in his terrarium. We took everything out, scalded the plants and tank and changed to a non wood based substrate.

    The problem that has arisen is that there is something wrong with his eyes. I cannot find anything similar online and hope someone here can help. I am afraid the wood mites may have caused this.

    When he is asleep his normal eye covering appears to be issuing or injured on both eyes, there are brownish crusty things around his eyes and he has a hard time opening them. If I drop warm water on him it seems to loosen enough for him to open his eyes, but it returns to the same state the next day while he is resting.

    We are worried sick about him and do not have an exotic vet nearby, I am attaching a photo, hopefully one of you can offer advise.
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