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Thread: Injured frog need help!

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    Default Injured frog need help!

    I recently got this whites tree frog and when I got him I realised he was VERY skinny, so I fed him extra crickets to fatten him up however I check on him this morning and it looks like there is a bone sticking out of his bottom. I'm really not sure what this is or what please help! I have added a photo too.
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    Default Re: Injured frog need help!

    That looks like a prolapse. In addition, as you mentioned this frog looks emaciated. A trip to an exotic/herp vet with frog experience would be his best bet. If a vet visit is IMPOSSIBLE a warm bath with treated water around 26c with a few drops of honey mixed in may help. I'm sorry your new frog is sick. Hopefully he pulls through. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Injured frog need help!

    I share your pain. I had a milk frog that was sick when I bought it (didn't check properly that it's mouth was a bit deformed too from not enough calcium intake) and had rectal prolapse like every week. It died after a year of me keeping it. What you can do is feed it smaller crickets, I noticed mine could not digest large ones and would poop the whole cricket out and prolapse would be more severe if the cricket was large.

    Make sure the prolapsed intestines are soaked in water until it sucks back it. If it dries out, it'll be a problem. You can try putting the frog in light sugar and water solution (warm) to help it suck in.

    A vet will unlikely be able to help. But, if the frog has prolapse once, very likely it will continue to have prolapse rest of life until it passes away. As you just got the frog, probably the breeder/ shop keeper did not feed the frog properly (dusting crickets with D3 calcium), so it has this condition.
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