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Thread: so at the reptile store i saw a huge planted enclosure WITH

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    Exclamation so at the reptile store i saw a huge planted enclosure WITH

    house geckos (african)
    green anole
    brown antole
    long tail grass lizard
    and some kind of tree frog
    Green Toad (american)

    How do they manage this? Are these really compatable? I know some tree frogs would eat the lizard but to be honest i am not tree frog savvy.

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    Default Re: so at the reptile store i saw a huge planted enclosure WITH

    I would say that in some ways they are compatible, in some ways they are not. As you mentioned, predation is a concern. The other risk I see is that since these are presumably all wild caught specimens, they are likely to be parasitized. It is possible that they could pass parasites or bacteria to one another, causing their eventual demise.

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    Default Re: so at the reptile store i saw a huge planted enclosure WITH

    Yes, pet stores often keep animals, displays in particular, that would be inappropriate for long-term care. Remember that the pet store is meant to be a temporary housing situation, until customer comes to buy the products. They are less concerned with long-term longevity that we should be.

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