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Thread: Injured African clawed frog, need advice

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    Default Injured African clawed frog, need advice

    We have an injured ACF that I'm getting worried about. He had jumped from his tank one night through a tiny opening, and was apparently attacked by our cat because he was placed at the foot of our bed the next morning, very far from the frog tank. He was dried, covered in animal fur, and not moving. I figured he was dead but saw one kick when I picked him up, so I put him into a small tank of clean water after removing all the fur wrapped around him. Amazingly, he was swimming around again within about a half hour. So I placed him back in the main tank with our other frog. But then I noticed his hands (front feet). Both hands were curled and he was struggling to swim. After a couple days I then saw our other frog snapping at the hurt one and saw that all his fingers are gone.

    I'm guessing that the injuries from the cat attack, or the other frog attacking dead skin, caused this to happen. This was just a couple hours ago. I have moved him to a temporary tank with clean water for now. And he is still swimming and seems to have no other obvious wounds. But I have no idea what to do about his hands/missing fingers. Should I wait to see if the they regenerate? If so, how should I care for him until then? And I hate to consider euthanizing him, so I'm open to any suggestions. Please help.

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    Default Re: Injured African clawed frog, need advice

    Hello taken from another website although am not experianced with these matters but feel the frog requires urgent attention *QUOTED* Quite an easy fix really - I've used Melafix to treat a wide spectrum of problems, these include but are not isolated to:

    Bacterial (inc eye) infections
    Skin legions and ulcers
    Open wounds and tags

    5ml for every 10 gallon or 45lt in UK term. It is a safe and stable way to treat amphibians, both semi and aquatic and will not harm your other inhabitants. The active ingredient in Melafix is 1% 'Melaleuca' and is an all natural Aboriginal fern.

    Using any known anti bacteria solution will assist MARACYN is popular and probably quicker to source, frogs are known to regenerate
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