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Thread: Bloated Pacman? Full of water

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    Default Bloated Pacman? Full of water

    My 12 yr old daughter got an albino Packman frog about a month ago. We are noobs. Since Pacmans do not like to be handled we only disturb him every few days or so. He is burried most of the time so we don't even see him unless we pull him out. We keep the dirt moist. Make sure it's wet enough to be dark in color and will stick to it's self when you pick some up. The water dish is kept half full and we make sure there is always a few cricket in there since we have seen him eat only a few times. I know he is eating as he has gotten visible bigger.

    We have a meal worm farm and a few brown beetles (adult meal worms). Tonight I put the pacman into a small container with a brown beetle (dont like having those things just running around the tank unchecked) for a snack. I noticed the frog was very bloated.

    The skin on his back was hanging down the out side of his rear legs touching the ground. He was heart shaped. I touched the side and it moved like a barely filled water balloon. Both sides jiggled when I touched it. He didn't move around much but did eat the brown beetle just fine.

    After he had eaten I touched the sides again so see the jiggle. A few minutes later he peed. A lot!!! Maybe 1/3 to 1/2 an oz and the bloating was 100% gone. I smelled the container and it only smelled like water. He became very active after peeing. Hopped a lot and when I put him back into his tank he hopped back into the container.

    As a noob just wondering if the water retention is normal or a sign we are doing something wrong. Too wet, too dry, sick, etc. I haven't been able to find anything about bloating except that he might be impacted or constipated which I don't think is a problem. Do they store water like camels encase of lack of resources later? Is he just gorging himself and it's normal? The amount of water he released was about 15-20% of his body weight. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Bloated Pacman? Full of water

    I've had similar experiences with my 2-inch juvenile. I don't think this is abnormal behavior; every amphibian I've come in contact with seems to retain water this way and then pee it out if they are scared or otherwise. A more experienced member might have better information, but I don't think you need to be too concerned, especially if he's displaying normal pacman behaviors like digging himself into a hole, eating well, and pooping.

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