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Thread: Tadpoles and Adults Together?

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    Default Tadpoles and Adults Together?

    I have a plethora of tadpoles and baby FBTs. I put the tadpoles in with the adults and they don't seem to mind each other. I was wondering if anyone else had experience raising them together, or what suggestions you have. I think I'll remove them before they turn into froglets since I'm afraid the adults will eat them on land. Right now the froglets are finding a new home and I have the more developed tadpoles in a 10 gallon tank, and the underdeveloped (just getting their legs) in with the adults (parents). Im planning on keeping a few of the froglets and putting them in with the adults when they are of similar size to the parents though. Anyone know how long that will take? Thanks

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    Default Re: Tadpoles and Adults Together?

    I found that the adults live just fine with the babies. My adults do not have a prey drive towards the toadlets.

    If I put a bunch of crickets in and they all start getting into feeding frenzy mode, then occasionally a toadlet will end up in the mouth of an adult as they go after the same cricket. But they don't have teeth. And so far, any time i've seen an adult get a hold of a toadlet, it soon lets go and the baby appears unharmed. Agitated but okay.

    I'm thinking it's going to be over a full year before the toadlets grow to adult size.

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    Default Re: Tadpoles and Adults Together?

    I second that; My adults surprisingly don't seem to be interested in the toadlets as a prey. I would however not risk it if EVERY toadlets' life is dear to you, it might of course happen that one or two gets eaten, no guaranties..

    In my experience the toadlets will grow out quite a bit faster than a year. My first batch, crawled onto land beginning of June, are now way too big to be eaten by an adult. They are still quite a bit smaller than the adults though but I expect that within a couple of months they will be the same size. If you want them to grow quickly feed them A LOT and house them in a reasonably warm and stable setting. I kept some toadlets outside during the Dutch summer and they are about twice as small as the inside crew. They were fed with the same amounts but never seemed as interested in food as their inside siblings. Im suspect this has to do with the colder temperatures at night that slowed down their digestive system. Interestingly enough now that I took them inside they still seem to have much less of an appetite than their siblings who where raised inside. Perhaps they need some time adjusting..

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