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Thread: What should I do??

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    Exclamation What should I do??

    For the past few weeks, I've been feeding my toad Apple live ants. I wanted to see how it would work, just to decide whether or not we should keep her. It's going pretty good. She's a tiny toad right now, so we only feed her two ants a day. She doesn't have her 10-gallon cage yet, but she will have it soon. So winter is coming up, and ants are gonna start hiding soon. What should I do? Should I just get her a couple hundred ants and freeze them during the winter? Or is there anything, like ground crickets, that I could feed her? Because ants are something. But crickets, dead or alive, is disgusting, and I have a tiny toad here! Help!


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    Hi again! Well, since the toad is tiny, the options are slightly limited. If crickets aren't an option(I really don't understand this, but I accept that some people are uncomfortable with crickets.) One suggestion for you is wingless/flightless fruit fly cultures. The only problem is they escape easily as they can climb plastic and glass and are small enough to climb through window screen. I find them all over my room after feeding them to my frogs. One way to prevent this is to cover the screen and any holes until all the fruit flies are gone. I personally find them far more annoying than pinhead crickets. I think you said Roaches aren't an option in an earlier thread, regardless of differences in various species including the inability to climb glass and other smooth surfaces. Barring unhealthy/high fat feeders, crickets and roaches few options are left, unfortunately. I have seen some footage of people feeding a pellet/thick paste rolled into a ball to their toads, similar to Pac Attack marketed for Pacman frogs. I saw it done in a .gif featuring Japanese Toads eating the pellets off a clear plastic spoon as it was slowly moved past them, which seems to work well enough to stimulate their feeding response. In addition, if this food is well formulated you won't have to use vitamin or calcium powder since it contains everything the frog needs, from what I've heard. I've never used the stuff, but I may have to pick up a bottle just for testing. As for freezing the ants, I think they'd die at those temperatures. Some animals can be frozen and be revived, but I don't think ants are one of them. Stimulating the toad's feeding response for dead ants would be a little difficult. I suppose you could keep an ant farm for them, but I have heard of cases where ants colonized frogs'/toads' enclosures, but I think that was in Australia.
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