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Thread: My Toad Won't Eat!

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    Exclamation My Toad Won't Eat!

    I'm Dream, and I have a toad named Apple.
    I got her from the wild a few days ago, and she's an American Toad.
    We've been feeding her ants for the last 4 days. She has a twig, grass and soil. She also has a tub made of a tape roll and duct tape. We put tap water in it.
    The problem is, she took the ants well for two days, and the last two days she hasn't eaten a thing!
    Do we have to feed her crickets? Is she just stressed? What can I do? Could it be because her cage is tiny? We're getting her a ten gallon aquarium tank tomorrow, so if that's the problem, let me know.

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    Hi Dream, welcome to the forum. Toads are voracious eaters. I have a similar species to American Toads and they have never once refused food. As adults my toads won't even take notice of ants and similar sized prey but younger toads might. The problem may be with the ants, so I would advise picking up some appropriately sized crickets as well as the 10 gallon, as well as a water dish and a couple other things, which I will mention below. For a single toad a 10 gallon should be sufficient. I would recommend Coco Fiber(also called plantation soil, the biggest brand names being Exo-Terra and Eco Earth.) for coating the bottom of the terrarium. It is sold either compressed in a brick format or loose in a bag. Petco and other retailers may assure you that coco husk is the same thing, but it is not, just a heads up. It is pretty affordable, but the price can vary-I have found it for as low as 2.50 and as high as 6$. As for water, a reptile water dish is ideal, but even something as simple as a plastic storage bin is okay, as long as the toad can easily get in and out. Tap water should be treated with a dechlorinator+ammonia remover before you add it to their dish. Another thing you should pick up are some supplements. I like Rep-Cal because i am a cheapskate, but Repashy is usually considered best, although I've never had trouble with rep-cal. A Calcium+Vitamin D3 supplement and a multivitamin for reptiles and amphibians should be enough. These prevent deficiencies that can be very bad for your Toad. Good luck with Apple, please post tomorrow when you try feeding him/her. Also, the general rule of thumb for selecting a food size is to feed items no larger than the space between their eyes. If you end up needing really small crickets, many chain stores may or may not have appropriately sized ones, and you may have to visit an independent reptile/pet shop. I hope this helps.
    Edit: Oof, this ended up longer than I thought.

    Also, I meant to list this just to maybe help save money.
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