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Thread: African Bullfrog Gender

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    Default African Bullfrog Gender


    i'm wondering if someone can help me determine the Gender of my African Bullfrog.
    i bought Keith (african bullfrog) on 14/04/2017 and he was tiny and only weighed about 5g (see attached picture). S/He has grown rapidly in the past 4 months to 160g and 4 inches and has definitely not slowed down.

    i will attach a few pictures so you can see what s/he looks like to see what you think

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: African Bullfrog Gender

    Hello and welcome to frog forum!!

    Your frog is still growing and it hasn't yet reached maturity so it's still a little early to tell for sure

    right now i would say its a male due to the yellow developing under the arms

    there will definitely be a clearer answer in a few months

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    Default Re: African Bullfrog Gender

    I bought my Bullfrog recently on Craigslist. He's around 4 inches, and he croaks most nights. His previous owner didn't know his gender, but he in my room so I hear him. The other guy kept him in the garage. If you're around him he'll let you know.
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