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Thread: A safe time to put ACF's together?

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    Question A safe time to put ACF's together?

    So I'm in a bit of a dilemma - I've currently got two African Clawed Frogs, and they have never been housed together. My first one, the albino, I've had for about 10 months now, and he's a pretty good size. But I also have a green one that I bought back in April, if memory serves correct. And I bought both of them as froglets, so I assume a safe estimate on the age difference between the two would be about 6 months. I estimate the albino is 2-2.5 inches snout to vent, and the green one is 1-1.5 inches snout to vent. I would like to put them together, as both of them are in their own tanks with no other tankmates and I would like to start consolidating the tanks in my room. I just don't trust the albino because while I don't think he could eat the smaller one whole, he could easily bite off a limb, and he has a voracious appetite to boot (not that I have seen one that doesn't, but still). What would you all recommend?

    Here's some pics of the two for comparison:

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    Default Re: A safe time to put ACF's together?

    yes they wil be perfectly fine* very sociable critters fget the horrer stories* feed them well proir then add them

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