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Thread: They are 'hard' on water.

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    Default They are 'hard' on water.

    Seems like every time I give my Pacman a bath, he fouls the water good. Obviously if he defecates, the water is fouled.

    But i've noticed that even if he does not take a **** during his bath...about four hours later I see the water has clouded with bacteria.

    My frog does not seem to have a health problem, but put him in fresh water for a bit. That water is AWFUL in short order.

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    Default Re: They are 'hard' on water.

    Yep they dirty there water really fast and really like to use it as a bathroom. When they are bigger sometimes when they pee you can hear against the bottom of the tub.

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    Default Re: They are 'hard' on water.

    Water makes them poo' it's good practice to bath them every week

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