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Thread: Albino Pac Man Lighting

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    Default Albino Pac Man Lighting

    I recently picked up a baby albino pac man. I wanted to know if I could use a standard cfl bulb to light my pac man's tank during the day to help establish a night and day cycle. I know that I can't use uvb because it would dry him out, but is a standard cfl bulb okay? Like one from CVS or Wal-Mart

    Edit: I've been feeding him about 5 Medium crickets daily and I use a calcium supplement 2x a week. I will be picking up a multivitamin soon. I also keep the tank around 80 degrees and the humidity between 75 to 85 percent.

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    Default Re: Albino Pac Man Lighting

    UVB wont dry it out. It's just not considered necessary. Lighting is not terribly high on a pacman's Vivarium priority list. Heat, humidity and security are.
    My albino has 75-77F at night and 80-83F during the day.

    As for security, places to hide and enough depth to burrow into.

    I do however use an led strip to provide a light cycle of 12/12h.

    So you can really use anything, as long as you're not baking the frog with too strong/close of a spot light.

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    Default Re: Albino Pac Man Lighting

    Albino Pac man was have to present the lighting this was about the frogs and toads that was about the game. This was made by the developer that have good techniques he also got help from professional writers they had all the codes on it that was amazing to know on this.

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    Default Re: Albino Pac Man Lighting

    You can get cheap led units from that famous auction site. These run cool and can be positioned so as to give you enough light to see your froggy friend but not too much as to upset him.
    Lighting is more for you rather than for the frog IMO.

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