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Thread: wood frogs PLEASE HELP

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    Exclamation wood frogs PLEASE HELP

    hey guys i need some help i have two wood frogs (sam and frodo) i had just recently got them they are in a ten gallon tank/terrarium and have access to water and hiding places but im concerned about lighting, seriously i have no idea what to do about it , i had gotten the tank from a friend and the light that was in it seems to heat up to much so they have been in natural light (in a window) and the average temp of the tank is 70 degrees, and another question is what will happen with there hibernation period, there is limited info about them please help

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    Default Re: wood frogs PLEASE HELP

    Hey, it would be a good idea to have some lighting. Can you try LED UV lights? You might be able to find one that would fit in your fixture.
    As far as hibernation periods go, I don't know about wood frogs in particular. Wish I could help.

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    Elly is right they require a good UVB light and plenty of plants and hides. It's up to you if you want to hibernate them. They are probably the hardiest to hibernate due to the abilities they have to freeze and thaw.

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