i have had my two white's tree frogs for over 4 months now, and they are both still juveniles (a bit over 2 inches long?) and one is a warm brown color, and one is a pale grey-brown. i know that these frogs can change their colors even though they are typically green, but since both of mine have never been green, i am starting to worry if there is a problem. based on what i have read it might be the temperature?? my frogs have a heat lamp at the top of their 36 inch tall vivarium, and my thermometer positioned at about the middle reads around 80 degrees farenheit during the day and around 70 at night. is this too cold? the smaller greyish one hangs out in the leaves closer to the lamp, and the brown one is usually at the bottom under a hollowed out "log" item. i mist the space and change the water regularly, and feed the frogs crickets, usually dusted with calcium, about 4 times a week. they seem to have a pretty good appetite, although the larger one usually gets more crickets unless i help the other along. i really really hope all of this sounds about right and that my frogs being Not Green does not mean they are unhealthy... if anyone knows what's up please let me know!! thank you :^)