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Thread: White's Tree Frog - Strange Behaviour

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    Default White's Tree Frog - Strange Behaviour

    Hi there,

    I have a lovely white's tree frog who is 14 years old and has been otherwise healthy up until this point.

    My parents have been taking care of him for a few months while I have been moving and I have recently got him back. It has only been a few days since I go him back but apparently he has only been spending his days and nights in his pond (under the cover of a log - which he will peak out of at night). He hasn't been sleeping in his cave. I told them this wasn't typical behaviour and they had no idea.

    Typically, he would move around between being perched on a small smooth rock and his pool all night (before going into his cave for daytime), but he's really lethargic. I know he was fed crickets almost too regularly (but it looks like they weren't coated in vitamin powder) and given dechlorinated water in his pool and in the water he is misted with. I had passed along my care instructions, but sadly they were exactly followed. Since getting him back a few days ago, I have completed cleaned the environment. His jaw looks a little droopy (a possible sign of vitamin deficiency?), but his belly is white and he physically looks okay. When I handle him outside of his environment (I promise this is rare) - he is very active and happily climbs. However, in his tank he will sit for a while and then go back to pond where he will stay.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for my old guy? He haven't seen him eat or poop and he didn't accept a tong-feed cricket, so I am worried.

    Let me know if you need any more information. I want to make sure he's as comfortable and happy as I can make him.


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    Default Re: White's Tree Frog - Strange Behaviour

    I don't know that he could develop a calcium deficiency in such a short time but I suppose it's possible. Is it the bone of his jaw that looks "droopy' or the skin? It can be hard to tell but if it's the skin it's fine.

    The soaking sounds like he might have fungal issues. Does he shed smoothly or is it kind of patchy? or maybe he's impacted and trying to poop by soaking so much. If at all possible I'd take him to a vet who sees herps or exotic animals and who's willing to see a frog. Ruling out fungus would be the best thing to do.

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