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Thread: Good day to you!

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    Hi everyone my name is Ian i am from the uk i am currently based in north wales studying Zoology with herpetology am an avid keeper of herps and in the past a frog keeper. However a year or so ago i had to downsize my whole collection as i went to university ( no animals allowed in student halls ). so i had to move on all my frogs including a pair of M. betsileo in a 45 cubed exo :/ . Now i have a house share so animals are a go go so i am after doing a new natural style dart tank ( not sure on species yet) have a huge 90 tall x 60 wide x 45 deep exo to play with ( keep an eye out in build/tank pages for a time lapse of its build)

    other then that just wanted to say hi to everyone!

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    Welcome to the forum! So glad you could join!

    That's awesome you can expand your collection. Best of luck! : )

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    Hey and welcome! I look forward to seeing any pics you want to share.

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