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Thread: New Whites tree frog setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by artgecko View Post
    I just setup my WTF colony last month.. I use a large plastic tub with latching lid that I soldered air holes all over (sides, top, etc.). I use a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) in a dome lamp suspended over the tub on one end (it is hanging on a lamp stand). That gets their basking area to ~85-89f. It is controlled via a dimmer and I adjust it (using an IR heat gun) to the correct temp. I leave it on 24/7 and have seen them using it day and night. My ambient temps in that room are already 75f though.

    WTF get large...Mine have grown considerably since I got them a month ago, so I'd plan on a larger tank soon, or use a plastic tub like I am doing. Mine will eventually go into a large bioactive setup I am building the background of right now.

    I feed my WTF dubia roaches dusted with vitamins / cal+d3 and feed them every other day. I use a feeding bowl and the frogs have taken to it pretty quickly. As soon as the bowl goes in, I will see at least 2 WTF jump in to start eating. The roaches can't climb out if the bowl is smooth glass or ceramic about 1" high or taller. I leave them in overnight with a moisture source (carrot) so the feeders have something to munch on.

    I would also suggest a large water bowl and change it very frequently. I try to change mine 1-2x a day as they foul it every night and sometimes in the day. I use standard dechlorinated water for that and to spray my hands if I have to handle them..I typically use gloves to handle and only remove if I need to clean their cage.

    Good luck! I love my WTF and am already looking for more to add to my colony.
    Sounds like you have a nice setup going. I'll probably buy a basking bulb along with the uvb bulb for day and a night heat bulb for night. I have an old 20 gallon high I'm going to use which should be good for one frog and maybe a second eventually. I plan on feeding them crickets as a staple and meal/wax worms as a treat. I will make sure to dust the crickets as well. I also do have a nice, large corner water dish...however it's not very deep (only like an inch). How deep is your water bowl? Also let me know what you think of my setup!

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