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Thread: Newbie! What kind of Tadpole is this?

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    Default Newbie! What kind of Tadpole is this?

    Hello! I work in a petstore and we got in three tadpoles with our feeder fish. My coworkers just put them in a cup and left them there so i took them up and set them up in my spare 5 gallon with a filter and some plants, i have alot of java moss in the tank. It isnt filled up all of the way.
    I was told they were bullfrog tads but i just wanted to check with a more knowledgable people! Thanks! pic of the tank setup

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    Default Re: Newbie! What kind of Tadpole is this?

    Bullfrogs be prepared to set up a massive tank!
    2.0.3 Hyla versicolor "Eastern Gray Tree Frogs"
    2.2.0 Agalychnis callidryas "Red Eyed Tree Frogs"

    0.0.3 Dendrobates auratus "Turquoise and Bronze"
    0.0.1 Anaxyrus fowleri "Fowler's Toad"

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    Default Re: Newbie! What kind of Tadpole is this?

    Yes, definitely American Bullfrogs, like has already been said, be sure that you get either a massive enclosure for it, or get ready to release them once they morph, (But ONLY if they're native to your state, these guys are a big invasive species in many areas) as they need a lot of space, land and water to survive in captivity. Here's a care-sheet for similar species, just scale up the sizing like 5x, lol:
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