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Thread: Mossy frog paludarium build

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    Default Mossy frog paludarium build

    Hi, I posted earlier today in the tree frog section looking for advice on mossy frog care. I've decided to get a pair and put them in a 18x18x24 exo terra. The idea is to create a background with cork bark, driftwood, foam and silicone. I'm fairly confident that I won't mess up that part. But the paludarium part is worrying me. I have thought of three ways to approach this.

    1. Use light defuser, pvc and screen to raise up the back section and simply put the substrate over it. My concerns are that the frogs will swim under the island and get stuck.

    2. Use cork bark, foam and aquarium sealant to form a wall separating the land and the water. This is the way I plan on doing it as I think it will look and work the best. My concerns are that the cork bark over time will break down and that for the remaining land section I will not be able to create a false bottom for the plants.

    3.Simply mark out where I want my pond then build up gravel walls around it and put dirt on top. My concerns are that the substrate will become soggy and that the walls will collapse into the water.

    what are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Mossy frog paludarium build

    Well Jordon,
    It seems that you are well on your way to building a great paludarium. I just wanted to offer some input since I have recently done this same thing for a RETF paludarium. I did this by using your first method. I used the light diffuser and built a 4" tall section along the back side and I had it angled at the front to create a ramp. I then wrapped it in weed blocker mesh. This should prevent the frogs from getting stuck behind or under it. You can even hide the a pump under the false bottom to circulate water to a water fall. The trick here is to have the water table about an inch below the false bottom so that the substrate does not get soaked.

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