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Thread: African Dwarf Frog - Chytrid?

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    Default African Dwarf Frog - Chytrid?

    I bought two ADF from Petco 3 days ago. I kept the two frogs in a large plastic bin with 100% water changes twice a day, with declorinated water, as a quarantine container.

    The first night, I noticed that one of the frogs had a white eye. By the next morning, the frog's jaw and half of its head was white and fuzzy, and it floated upside down. It would move when touched, but anytime I flipped it right side up it would go upside down again. The next day it was dead, and the fuzzy patch was much larger, and there was one on its foot as well. This link is to two images of the frog after it passed.

    Does this look like chytrid? Neither frog has shed at all, but since I've only had them for 3 days it may have just not shown up yet. Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: African Dwarf Frog - Chytrid?

    I got 4 from petco and within a week 3 died they turned light colored . I got 1 from super pets and I picked a dark one and they're doing great. 1 female and 1 male. Zues and alice. When they turned light it was all over them and it wasn't fuzzy . It looked like they were pale. Probably not too helpful but sorry that happened. I love adf,s they're so fun to watch and when they do the singing I make everybody shut up. I didn't do quarantine I just acclimated Alice when I brought her home and put her in with Zues.

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    Default Re: African Dwarf Frog - Chytrid?

    That is a fungal infection, but not Chytrid. Chytrid doesn't cause the fuzzy appearance.

    ADFs fair poorly due to several factors. First, they are bred in large outdoor ponds, which makes them the same as wild caught and can be riddled with parasites. Second, they are held at distributors for a time, commonly not being fed correctly. Then they are shipped overseas in crowded bags. After that, they are held at wholesalers here in the US for some time, and many wholesalers don't take proper care of them. Next they go back into bags for shipping to local pet shops. While at the pet shops, they may or may not be cared for properly. Finally, they are bagged up again and transported home. That is a lot of stress for a tiny frog.

    Your frog may have had a small abrasion that, when coupled with stress, allowed the fungus to take hold.

    Adding a teaspoon of aquarium salt for every 2 gallons will help fight off fungi.

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