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Thread: Two Questions and a Comment

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    Default Two Questions and a Comment

    1. Do RETF brumate? I've had my trio for about 6 months. A month ago they were pretty active and now they seem to be sleeping all the time. The temps are correct (mid 70's at least with the heat cable taped to the back of the enclosure recently turned on). I'm primarily a gecko person and most of my geckos have slowed down a lot and are pretty lethargic (the bearded dragons are in full brumation). With the geckos, the decrease in activity seems to go along with the amount of ambient light as opposed to the temperature.

    2. Can an enclosure be planted too densely? I have a lot of pothos in the enclosure. Is dense planting OK or should it be thinned?

    3. I had originally chosen not to use UVB for my frogs and to supplement them with D3 as I do for my nocturnal and day geckos. I recently changed my mind due to the following factors and am now using a 13 watt compact florescent in addition to the LED lights for the plants:
    --It was pointed out to me that RETF tend to sleep in the open on leaves as opposed to many of my nocturnal geckos that are in their hides during the day
    --I worried that the crickets would groom off the supplement before the frogs had a chance to eat them
    --my day geckos eat CGD (crested gecko diet) that already contains calcium and D3

    I have not data about whether this is required, just wanted to point out that I changed my mind and what led to it.


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    Default Re: Two Questions and a Comment

    I can only answer #2. As long as the frogs are able to jump across the tank easily thick plantings should be fine.

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