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Thread: 34 gallon reef tank to dart frog Viv conversion

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    Default 34 gallon reef tank to dart frog Viv conversion

    I recently purchased a 34 gallon solana tank(20" cube", filled it up, and it has a very slow leak. I will never trust it for a reef tank, but have been thinking about possibly turning it into a dart frog tank. It holds water fine all the way until the half way point, but I would still run another bead of silicone along the seam that is leaking. This tank is drilled, it has a 3/4" hole and a 1" inch( I think). Based on my research I am hoping to put a fan in the larger hole for ventilation and possibly a misting system for the smaller hole? The tank was originally rimless, but it came with a rim that I will place a glass top on that has 2 small holes on the edge to run cords through. I could use these for small lines to drain water using a pump or a pond or waterfall feature. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. I have never kept dart frogs, so I am also trying to research on a suitable species for this size tank.

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