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Thread: what to do in this situation?

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    Default what to do in this situation?

    what would you guys do if the power ever went out for a long period of time? what would you recommend to heat the tank with to make sure the pacman would still be good? also I live in a place where hurricanes are very likely. How would you ever transport one if it ever came down to it?

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    Default Re: what to do in this situation?

    I honestly, would have some sort of power generator, incase of the power shutting down. To transport, put it in a plastic container large enough for the frog, and bring it with you

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    Default Re: what to do in this situation?

    You could use a generator, or I imagine their has to be somewhere you could buy a desk lamp that runs off batteries that you could throw a heat bulb in, and if not there should be. Or you could buy some of those hand warmers you put in your mitts and put the frog into a smaller enclosure while the power is out and wrap a couple of those around the container.

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    Default Re: what to do in this situation?

    As everyone else has stated, you could use a backup that is used for computers if the power went out. If you had to transport it, I would make sure it is in a secure container where it won't bounce around too much. I may actually get one of the computer backups for my tank as it is 120 gallons and it would be a disaster if power ran out for that
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    Default Re: what to do in this situation?

    When my power went out one winter I put my snake in a critter keeper and kept her under the covers with me! It wasn't ideal of course but it was warm enough that I didn't have to worry about her getting sick. As far as hand warmers go, be careful with them, some of them get very very hot and could cause accidental burns. They also last a long time so I don't think you'd need too many to keep a pac warm, maybe even a single hand warmer would be enough.

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    Default Re: what to do in this situation?

    For transport, another thing to keep in mind is you want to have moist paper towels (wet with treated water) in whatever container you're taking the frog in. If the tank is small and you can, you can just remove anything that might tumble around and take the frog in the tank; just put something over the top to keep air from blowing in on the frog.

    If you use chestwarmers/handwarmers you can wrap them in paper towels or a washcloth to keep the frog from getting burned, since they can get too hot. I have a portable indoor propane heater that I use when the power goes out, but I have a whole room full of reptiles. For short-term solutions, you can get gallon jugs of hot water, put the animals in travel containers near the jugs, and put a blanket over them. I'm in an apartment where I can't have a backup generator, and the hot water strategy usually keeps things warm for up to a day with regular changing of the water... Of course, if your water and power are connected that doesn't work though.
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