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Thread: Southern Leopard Frog (From Delaware)

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    Default Southern Leopard Frog (From Delaware)

    We caught this one while it was a fingerling. He is one awesome colored frog!

    I'm trying to hand feed but I can't get over how squirmy superworms are

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    Default Re: Southern Leopard Frog (From Delaware)

    Hi, I have a few suggestions to tell you, first off, super-worms are not a good staple, their shells are hard to digest, I would recommend Night-crawlers, Gut loaded crickets, and dubia roches. From the picture, it looks like the fire-bellied toad is in the same terrarium as the leopard frog, mixed species tanks almost never work, especially if they occupy the same niche in their native habitats. From looking at the sizes of the two, the leopard frog is large enough to eat the fire-belly, and the fire-belly has toxins that can kill the leopard frog. Also, most wild caught frogs have harmful parasites that can spread to captive bred ones (Like your fire-belly) and since the parasites are not native to where the fire-belly naturally lives in the wild, it has a higher chance of dying from them. Also, one last small nit-pick, is that I would remove the gravel, they could leap at something in the water, and grab it by mistake, which would lead to an impaction in their intestines

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