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Thread: african clawed frog bloat problem,please help!!

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    Exclamation african clawed frog bloat problem,please help!!

    Hello!I need help with my 1 and a half year old female african clawed frog.A few days ago I noticed her thigh puffed up,and I've read before about dropsy or bloating and I've seen pictures of frogs that have it.But all of them had both thighs/legs or abdomen bloated.Mine has only one thigh puffed up.I looked up treatments in the last 2 days,and I found out about epsom salt,MarOxy,Maracyn II/Maracyn Plus,and others.The problem is I live in Romania and I can't find anything except epsom salt,which I bought,and since yesterday I've started giving her 1 hour baths in it,in a separate 10liter(2 and a half gallon tank),with aprox 3g(1/2tbsp of epsom salt).But as I read on different sites,I learned this may not be enough.
    I tried searching for Maracyn II on amazon,so I could buy it,but from 20$,with import taxes and the amazon shipping they give me(2-4 days) it goes up to around 70-75$.I don't have and don't want to pay that much for something worth 20.
    We also don't have vets specialized in these frogs.
    Also,I admit that she was kind of overfed.Not with bloodworms or beefheart.We feed her dried shrimp(at least i think its called that way).One pinch in the morning,one pinch before bedtime.She used to be given treats once in a while,but she's really big and fat,so i didnt give her any in the last 6 months.Since I noticed the leg puffed up,I feed her once every 2 days.
    She is housed in a 55-60liter tank(14-16gallons),filtered,and has fine sand for substrate.She is the only resident of the tank.My boyfriend changes 25-50% of water every 1-2 weeks.I dont know what could have caused the bloat,except overfeeding,but it's the first time something like this happened,we've had no problems with her in the past.

    Could you please help me?Here is how it looks like:

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    Default Re: african clawed frog bloat problem,please help!!

    You need to feed your frog about once every two days with MEAT. This could include shrimp, white fish, ghost shrimp, etc. which is what I feed mine. Your tank looks like it is empty except for the sand which would be a problem. AFK's like to hide, so I would recommend getting some, if not more décor. The leg issues could have been caused by stress. I actually do not think this is bloat but something more serious. Do the legs seem a bit red and irritated looking? if so, you may want to consider that your frog could have Red Leg. You should look into this. Keep doing the salt baths. If at all possible try to get your hands on Maracyn ll. I wish you the best of luck!

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