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Thread: help choosing frog for my vivarium

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    Default help choosing frog for my vivarium

    so I've been really wanting to create a live plant vivarium for my future snake, but didn't want to ruin the custom build cage im making it. what i did was practice on a 10 gallon tank (20x10x11high. i really jumped the gun and didn't fully think the steps though. i made a false floor following the steps on this site with the egg crates, it worked really well, but the waterfall pump requires 2" of water, so my false floor is 3" off the tank floor... this doesn't leave much room for plants and such... or something to live in the vivarium for that matter. i need help choosing a suitable frog OR lizard/salamander to inhabit the vivarium. i really dont want to throw this thing away as it did take a bunch of my time and my sons excited to have a "ribbit" in the collection.

    also, there was only a few plants on the sticky forum here with pictures, so i also need help choosing plant life that stay relatively small.

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    Default help choosing frog for my vivarium

    Hmmmm...a predicament indeed.
    With substrate, the tank will only have about 5-6 inches of height left. It would be very difficult to pull off a successful viv with that.
    Is there anyway at all that you can lower the false bottom?
    The only thing I can think of is (and this is a stretch) maybe a firebellied toad can live there. Or maybe a tomato frog (though they don't really like to swim that much). The tank is definitely more suitable for a salamander or newt. Fire bellied newts are cool too.
    Maybe a small fern or two, but most of the time plants will have to be trimmed because they like to grow up instead of out.

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    Default Re: help choosing frog for my vivarium

    the water wont be at all accessible to the animal. i may possibly be able to drop the false floor a little bit, but even if i cant, with substrate in place there ill be 7-6 inches of height left. as for plants - i can cut out a couple spots on the false floor and easily enough put some cups or planters in that will give me around 4" of depth to plant in, so as long as i can choose plants that wont grow over 8" and doesn't need more than 3" to root ill be fine.

    tomato frogs and pacman are off the list lol they will destroy my set up and the amount of waste the produce is more than i want to tend to with spot cleaning and such

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    Default Re: help choosing frog for my vivarium

    i should note, it would not be hard at this point for me to make the tank semi aquatic.. i could easily make half the tank accessible for the animal to swim, but it would only have 3" of water depth... i could make the entire bottom of the tank swimable with a cool cave-like area also

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