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Thread: How long can a fire belly stay underwater?

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    Default How long can a fire belly stay underwater?

    I have 6 fire bellied toads. One really like to latch onto others, and occasionally he pins another down under water. While the one being grappled tried to escape the others grasp, they are under water for some time and my panic sets in. I eventually put my hand in and lift them up onto land to work it out there trying not to pry them apart. Most times they stay grasped onto each other, which is fine by me as long as they dont drown! Any advice on the topic is appreciated!

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    Default Re: How long can a fire belly stay underwater?

    I would say it is nothing to worry about. they are just doing natural stuff. Some toads will sit fully submerged underwater for a few minutes. If it happens you should still watch just in case something happens. Good luck!!!

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    Default Re: How long can a fire belly stay underwater?

    Yeah, I have been letting them do their thing more often. I had thought about it and decided it would happen no matter what since Im at work full time anyways. They will sort it out like in nature I guess. Its hard to get over it at first, but I guess for anyone else new to keeping frogs its something you gotta learn to get over and let them work it out.

    Thanks for the reply A3Sneezer

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